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Apple have announced their latest operating system for mobile, you guess it, it’s called iOS 8. The new operating system introduces some software enhancements and also introduces a couple of awesome new features and we’re going to share them today.

New useful additions -

Apple have introduced a couple of new nice features that will improve your experience on the devices, something the leading company Apple really want. You can now pull down and respond to a message so you’ve no longer got an excuse for ignoring them messages as you don’t want to leave that YouTube video or maybe another app. This also works for Facebook sharing. Say your friend tags you in a photo you can like that photo and comment directly from click on the notification and swiping down, this is an amazing feature by Apple and it’ll improve a lot of users experience.

Apple didn’t just stop there, we now have quick access to calling your favorite people maybe that is family members or one of them special people. This will allow you to call people even faster than you already can.

What gets better is you can now get that sweet tabs view on your iPad that being in Safari of course. This allows you to look a lot easier for tabs on your device and also be able to browse a lot easier.

We need to touch on the updates to email, that has been improved so much it’s rather unreal. They’ve finally introduced smart swipes meaning you no longer have to swipe and then click to delete you can now just swipe from the left on the message and delete right away. You can also do a number of other things by just swiping but we’ll see them in the future. But we do need to talk about a new swipe.

Your always wanting to view an email when writing a reply right? Maybe you can’t find a question from a previous email so you can now swipe down and look for that email and swipe back up to continue your email. This is something that is going to be helpful to many especially us at Gadget Geek It. But it doesn’t stop there. The new Mail app for iOS 8 automatically detects when someone mentions a meeting and you can then add it to your calendar, this works for all types of events, something again that will be useful and will be used by many to book in stuff to their schedule.

We’ve also had a couple of other useful additions to the operating system but we feel the ones mentioned above are the best.

Family Sharing Introduced

You’ve always wanted to share stuff with your family right? Whether that be photos or videos well now you can with Apples new addition called “Family Sharing”. You can now share all your photos and videos with each other and can work together to make stuff happen. You can also now all use the same credit card and sync apps and for those of you who may have children, don’t worry about them spending thousands on the App Store as Apple have got a solution. Now your children have to request to get that app when your in the family group so when your children want Minecraft they have to ask you first.

Enterprise introduced

For those of you who work in a huge company you can now get enterprise. Apple have introduced this feature so your big company no longer has to spoil the fun, of unboxing your iPad or iPhone. Once booted you can now download everything you need for your business by logging into the device and downloading everything that they want you to download, this includes everything from Exchange Email to them really important work based apps. This is all very important and will allow for you to have the joy of unboxing your own iPad and iPhone when you get it.

iCloud and iPhoto now link together

Apple have improved the iCloud and iPhoto injection by allowing you to sync your photos with iCloud straight after taking the photo. Basically you can now get all your photos on every device you visit by logging into iClould and viewing the photo. Of course this will come at a price but you can now get 5GB for free and 20GB for just 0.99$ and prices rise so on and so on all of this is actually amazing as you may of guessed. This will allow for users to sync everything easier and link everything up with other devices a lot better. This will also allow you to sync with your family like we mentioned before.

Extensions -

Apple are now allowing developers to have extensions in their app. Apple showcased this feature in their new Photo app. Bringing up an App Extension and then allowing you to open that app and edit the photo or something of a similar kind very easily within the device has brought many people ease and also allows developers to expand on what they actually do. This is something that is really good and you can expect more apps to bring extensions very soon.


Finally widgets! Wait, there’s something you should know. You can only get widgets in the notification centre on your iOS device. Now this could seem bad but it a step in the right direction for Apple. Now this could mean a couple of things for the future but I mainly want to talk about the present as that is slightly more important right now. From the notification centre you can now do a number of things, including add widgets for apps that support them. Apple showcased eBay as one of these widgets. Craig was able to bid on an item from eBay and ensure he won that item, this is incredible how it actually works and will allow users to do stuff much easier and quicker.

A few extra features

Apple also introduces a few other features but they got less of a spotlight. We have a huge update to Siri which will allow you to now talk wherever you are on your device. This will allow for easier searching. Siri can also now detect the music you are listening to and take you right to it in the App Store and you cna also expect Siri to do a number of other things Apple just skipped ahead a bit but when iOS 8 is officially launched to the public we can expect to see that.

Touch ID also got a mention with App developers now being able to actually use the Touch ID feature within apps. Some of you may believe that people can steal your fingerprint but don’t worry your fingerprint never leaves the device or even touches the actual app. This allowing for people to be ultra secure.

We also got a glimpse of Home Kit. Apple are now working with a number of “Smart home companies” to allow you to control different aspects of your home from your iOS device. You can now turn on a light or maybe open the garage the list is endless. Apple announced that they are working with a number of companies and will be eliminating all of those apps for all them smart home devices. They’ll basically just be placing everything into one.

That’s not all…

Apple of course didn’t stop there they’ve also introduced¬†a number of other features into iOS 8 that we didn’t get a chance to mention. We’ve got apps like Health Kit and Health that can help you with all your smart devices. We also got a glimpse of some new developers tools that can be used within apps to produce better quality content and apps.

As soon as we get our hands on iOS 8, expect a full review and hand on demo. We look forward to what Apple do in the future.

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